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Dr Andrew Painter
Dr Minoti Patel
Dr Gareth Dee
Dr Ayodele Awe
Dr Haider Zaidi
46 Station Road, New Barnet, Herts, EN5 1QH

Addington Medical Centre
020 8441 4425
Surgery Opening Hours
08.30 - 18.30
08.30 - 18.30
08.30 - 18.30
08.30 - 18.30
08.30 - 18.30

Out of Hours: 111

Early morning and mid-afternoon telephone advice when the surgery lines are closed is provided by

Barndoc: 020 8865 0350

08.00-08.30 Mon-Fri

14.00-15.00 Mon-Fri

On-line Access

Patient Access
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Text Reminders

We are now able to send a text reminder before your next appointment is due. Please make sure that we have your current mobile phone number.

Comments and Suggestions

We are always looking for ways to improve our service. If you have any comments or suggestions we will be very pleased to receive them.

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Christmas and New Year Holidays

The surgery will be closed all day on the Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year Bank Holidays and at the weekend as usual. For medical advice on these days please phone 111.

If you require repeat prescriptions please remember to allow 2 full working days before collection.

Monday 24 December 2018
08.30 - 18.30
Tuesday 25 December 2018
Wednesday 26 December 2018
Thursday 27 December 2018
08.30 - 18.30
Friday 28 December 2018
08.30 - 18.30
Saturday 29 December 2018
Sunday 30 December 2018
Monday 31 December 2018
08.30 - 18.30
Tuesday 1 January 2019

For medical advice Out of Hours click here


The Addington Medical Centre is an established NHS GP surgery providing traditional family health care to our patients in Barnet. We have 4 doctors (2 male and 2 female) and a dedicated Practice Team of clinical and administrative staff. Our aim is to enhance the quality of life of individuals and families in the local community through the efficient use of all health care resources available.

This web-site is designed to provide information about our practice, and also provides links to other Health Care resources both locally and on the internet.

If you would like to register as a patient at our surgery please visit the New Patient Registration page.

Practice Leaflet[pdf]pdf

New Patient Registration Pack[pdf]pdf

New Patient Registration Pack - CHILD under 16[pdf]pdf

Dr Patel reduces to part-time
1 September 2018

From 1 September 2018 Dr Patel will be reducing her work at the surgery to part-time

Welcome to Dr Zaidi - new part-time GP
1 October 2018

From 1 October 2018 Dr Haider Zaidi joins our team.

On this page
Flu Vaccination Clinics - NOW AVAILABLE

This year we are offering the new Adjuvanted Flu vaccination for patients aged over 65. The seasonal flu vaccine is offered free of charge to people in at-risk groups to protect them from catching flu and developing complications.

Please phone the surgery to make an appointment if you are in any of the high risk groups:

  • anyone aged 65 or over
  • children aged 2 and 3 years old (nasal spray)

all patients with:

  • asthma
  • COPD (lung disease)
  • CHD (heart disease)
  • diabetes
  • kidney disease
  • liver disease
  • stroke/TIA or multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease

and patients who are:

  • pregnant
  • very overweight (BMI>35)
  • carers of an elderly or disabled person
  • living in residential or nursing homes
  • NHS staff



Adjuvanted Flu vaccine for over 65's

The Flu Monsters Movie

Mythbusters - movie

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should have the flu vaccination?

Patient Leaflet [pdf]pdf

NHS Choices

Flu Movie

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Privacy Notice

Your Information, Your Rights – How we use your personal information

Being transparent and providing accessible information to patients about how we will use your personal information is a key element of the GDPR Regulations.

Privacy Notice

Our Privacy Notice informs you of your rights in respect of the above legislation and how your GP Practice will use your information for lawful purposes in order to deliver your care and the effective management of the local NHS system.

This notice reflects how we use information for:

  • The management of patient records;
  • Communication concerning your clinical, social and supported care;
  • Ensuring the quality of your care and the best clinical outcomes are achieved through clinical audit and retrospective review;
  • Participation in health and social care research; and
  • The management and clinical planning of services to ensure that appropriate care is in place.


CQC rating - 'GOOD' in all areas

Following a recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection the Addington Medical Centre has been given a rating of 'Good' in all areas of the assessment.


Barnet Federated GPs evening and weekend appointments

This practice is part of a network of local GP surgeries which are working towards making GP appointments available from 8.00am to 8.00pm for Barnet residents. The name of your local network is Barnet Federated GPs and they have arranged eight Hub Practices in Barnet where appointments are available to be seen by a local GP in evenings and weekends.

Appointment times:

  • Monday to Friday – 6.30pm to 8.00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday – 8.00am to 8.00pm

To make evening or weekend appointments please phone reception on 020 8441 4425 - or phone the call centre on 020 8948 6809.


Your local hubs are:

  • Wentworth Medical Centre – 38 Wentworth Close, London, N3 1YL
  • Longrove Surgery – 70 Union Street, Barnet, EN5 4HT
  • East Barnet Health Centre - 149 East Barnet Road, Barnet, EN4 8QZ
  • St Andrews Medical Centre - 50 Oakleigh Road North, London, N20 9EX
  • Oak Lodge Medical Centre - 234 Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware, HA8 0AP
  • Cricklewood Health Centre - 2 Cricklewood Lane, London, NW2 1DZ
  • Millway Practice - Hartley Avenue, Mill Hill, London, NW7 2HX
  • PHGH Doctors - 23 Temple Fortune Lane, London, NW1 7TE


Foreign Travel Advice

If you are planning to travel abroad this year don't forget to check for health advice for your chosen destination.

Travel Advice

Visit our Travel Immunisation page for more information

If you require Travel Advice or Immunisations please print out a Foreign Travel Immunisations Form and book an appointment with our practice Nurse.

On-line Access to your medical record

It is now possible for patients to connect to the surgery on-line using your computer or mobile phone. This will allow you to:

  • view your medical record including Summary, Problems, Medication, Immunisations, Allergies, Test Results
  • request repeat prescriptions
  • book or cancel appointments
  • inform us about changes to your personal details such as change of address or telephone number

Patient Groups at the Addington Medical Centre

We want your ideas and opinions

Are you interested in supporting the practice in delivering/developing patient services?

We are looking for patients from all age groups, social and cultural backgrounds to help us.

We already have an active Patient Participation Group. However we would like to expand on this and gather the views of a wider and larger representation of our practice population.

To facilitate this we would be looking to create an email group whereby we can canvass members without the need for people to attend meetings at the practice.

If you are interested in being involved please pick up a leaflet on Patient and Public Involvement at the reception desk.

More information is available on our Patient Groups page


The GP Patient Survey

GP Patient Survey

The results of the GP Patient Survey have been published and are available online. To view the results and reports of the GP Patient Survey please click here.

For further information on the GP Patient Survey please click on the following link http://www.gp-patient.co.uk/about.


Suggestions and Complaints


General Enquiries, Comments and Suggestions

Our Reception staff are available to deal with general enquiries. We are always pleased to receive comments and suggestions of ways to improve the practice.

Friends and Family Test

For general comments and feedback please use the Friends and Family feedback forms available from Reception or here on-line.


At the Addington Medical Centre we aim to give patients the best possible care and advice. We regularly review our service and have weekly management meetings to discuss specific cases. If you have a complaint or concern about the service you have received from the doctors or any of the staff working in this practice, please let the practice manager know. ints Procedure

We operate a practice complaints procedure as part of the NHS system for dealing with complaints. Our complaints system meets national criteria.omplain

We hope that most problems can be sorted out easily and quickly, often at the time they arise and with the person concerned. If your problem cannot be resolved in this way and you wish to make a complaint, we would like you to let us know as soon as possible - ideally within a matter of days or at the most, a few weeks - because this will enable us to establish what happened more easily. Please be as specific as possible about your complaint.Complaints should be addressed to the Practice Manager.

We will acknowledge your complaint within two working days and aim to have looked into your complaint within ten working days of the date you raised it with us. We shall then be in a position to offer you an explanation, or a meeting with the people involved. When we look into your complaint, we will aim to:
  • Find out what happened and what went wrong
  • Make it possible for you to discuss the problem with those concerned, if you would like this
  • Make sure you receive an apology, where this is appropriate
  • Identify what we can do to make sure the problem doesn't happen again
Complaining on behalf of someone else
Please note that we keep strictly to the rules of medical confidentiality. If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, we have to know that you have their permission to do so. A note signed by the person concerned will be needed, unless they are incapable (because of illness) of providing this.









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